EricEric Pereira


B.Comm Candidate 2018, Finance and Economics Specialist.

Eric is a 4th year student from Ajax, Ontario with a Portuguese background. He is passionate about boxing, soccer, and music. He originally joined RCFA to be more involved in the field of finance and economics in order to learn more about the industry. He also wanted to be part of a team who had similar interests and goals. RCFA has not only taught him how to prepare for his future career but has pushed him to work harder and stand out in a competitive market. Eric is currently interested in investment banking, sales and trade, as well as corporate banking. In the upcoming years, he has intentions on obtaining his CFA or MBA.


Justin Yau

Vice President

B.Comm Candidate 2018, Finance and Economics Specialist.

Justin is a 4th year student from Hong Kong, China. He enjoys playing basketball and watching Game of Thrones. Justin was part of RCFA right from his first year as an intern and is now taking on the role of Vice President. His involvement with RCFA has led him to meet with many professionals in the industry to help him discover his passion for investment banking. In the future, Justin hopes to take on an advisory role related to transaction and finance in a fast-paced environment.



Yinghua Liang

Director of Corporate Relations

B.Comm Candidate 2019, Finance and Economics Specialist.

Yinghua Liang is a 3rd year student born in Beijing, China. She enjoys collecting vinyl and watching horror movies. As Director of Corporate Relations, she is responsible for securing funding for the organization, as well as leveraging a network that will enhance RCFA events. She first joined RCFA in her second year as a way to get involved and give back to the Rotman Commerce community while pursuing her own interests. Since then, her involvement has connected her with many people who have contributed to her professional development. Moving forward, Yinghua wishes to take on a full-time position in capital markets. Specifically, she has an interest in investment banking due to its potential to have a significant market impact while strengthening transferable technical and soft skills.


Sarina Cui

Director of Finance

B.Comm Candidate 2020, Finance and Economics Specialist.

Sarina is a 3rd year student who grew up in Guangzhou, China. During her free time, Sarina enjoys playing badminton and table tennis. After participating in several RCFA events during her first year and concluding that they were all great experiences she had, Sarina quickly made her decision to become part of the RCFA team. She is interested in investment and corporate banking as she enjoys standing from the advisory perspective and working in a fast-paced setting. Sarina hopes that she can take more responsibility and has more client interaction in her future career. To her, RCFA is not only an organization for other students but is a platform that is able to support her personal and professional development.


Julian Picard

Director of Events

B.Comm Candidate 2020, Finance and Economics Specialist.

Julian is a 3rd year student from Ottawa, Canada. He joined RCFA during his first year after realizing he knew little to none about finance and wanted to be able to make an informed decision on what career path he wished to pursue upon graduating. The guidance he received from upper year students in the RCFA community has proved very valuable to his development. Julian feels RCFA shed light on opportunities he never knew existed, and the mentorship he received from upper year students and alumni has allowed him to learn and grow more than he ever thought possible given the short period of time. In addition, Julian loves to play soccer, piano, and curling. He is a huge fan of Chelsea FC. Julian loves facing new challenges and working on high impact projects, which is why he wishes to pursue investment banking. With the level of responsibility he gets as an analyst, he believes it will allow him to develop skills that are not only applicable to finance, but to his overall life.


Mary Li

Director of Events

B.Comm Candidate 2019, Finance and Economics Specialist.

Mary is a 3rd year student from Ottawa, Canada. She enjoys watching historical and political documentaries, listening to country and classical music, as well as playing the violin. She originally joined RCFA in her first year as an intern without any knowledge about finance. After the first event, she was immediately intrigued by the great culture and community. RCFA has pushed Mary to be more engaged in the UofT and Rotman Commerce community. Being around many successful and accomplished people has encouraged her to set higher goals for herself and expand her network. She is passionate about going into sales and trading but says, “No matter where in life my career takes me, I want to stay close to the people who are important to me.”


Kiana Kouchakan

Director of Marketing

B.Comm Candidate 2019, Management Specialist.

Kiana is a 4th year student from Richmond Hill, Ontario. She joined RCFA in her second year because she wanted to gain more knowledge about the field of finance and get involved within the Rotman community. RCFA has given her the opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills and collaborate with many incredible students. Outside of school, Kiana runs her own Personal Training business, and enjoys photography. She is greatly interested in Marketing, and aspires to pursue a career that combines her passion for both business and fitness.



Peter Han

Manager of Internal Affairs

Peter is a 3rd year student from Vaughan, Ontario. He joined RCFA as a first-year intern and is now the Manager of Internal Affairs. RCFA has pushed him out of his comfort zone and has provided a platform for him to work beyond his potential. It has given him the opportunity to meet and interact with different people and has shaped him into the leader he is today. Sports has always been one of his main interests outside of school. Peter is a huge fan of the Raptors and also enjoys listening to rap music. He loves to work in a fast-paced environment, and investment banking’s potential in bringing significance to the market has fostered his interest in the capital markets field. In the future, Peter hopes that his career will provide him with the opportunity to travel across the world and face new challenges.



Vlada Ceban

Manager of Interns

Vlada is a 4th year Rotman student specializing in Finance and Economics. She is the Co-Manager of interns responsible for hiring first year students who want to get involved in RCFA. She joined RCFA in her third year because she wanted to get exposure to the finance industry and work with people who have similar interests. She is interested in pursuing a career in Wealth Management because she is passionate about working in a client facing business as well as a fast-paced environment. In the coming years she hopes to be working towards a successful career while pursuing a CFA destination. Outside of school, she teaches private piano and violin lessons and enjoys skiing in the winter months. 



Rachel Cheung 

Manager of Interns

Rachel is a 4th year student from Hong Kong and holds the role of Manager of Interns. Rachel originally joined RCFA in her first year because she wanted to meet new friends that shared the same interests as her. RCFA has helped her tremendously through connecting her to professionals and alumni, whom she was able to gain insights, knowledge and guidance in order to choose the most suitable sector for her career. Due to the warmth and kindness she has experienced with the people that make up RCFA, the culture has been the driving factor of why she has remained in RCFA for the past three years. During her free time, Rachel loves playing badminton and figure skating. Rachel is currently interested in asset management, private banking and portfolio management.