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All the facts without the noise. In the world of finance, there is simply too much information out there for an individual to process. Snapshot by RCFA is an initiative designed to bring to you the most relevant information in the quickest way possible. That means cutting out all of the jargon so you know exactly what you have to do, and where you have to be. Created in the summer of 2015, Snapshot used our Facebook page, Rotman Commerce Finance Association, as the vehicle to deliver our material. We have a dedicated team working hard in bringing you weekly updates of job openings and intern positons. But Snapshot has evolved to much more than that. We bridge the gap between internal and external sources to bring to you a diverse source of opportunities. This means that our initiative is a one way stop to find out about all of the upcoming competitions, networking socials, and of course, job applications. And all you have to do is to take a glance at the Snapshot.


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This year RCFA is proud to present a new initiative, “RCFA’s Alumni Interview Series”. This project aims to introduce the field of finance to incoming and undecided Rotman Commerce students as well as offer helpful advice to current students who plan to pursue a career in finance. For the project, RCFA invites back notable Rotman alumni who are currently working professionally in finance to participate in a videotaped interview during which they share their experiences to provide current students with prospective regarding making career decisions, transitioning from high school to Rotman and later transitioning from Rotman to a work environment. The interview will also provide current students with exposure to various possible career opportunities in the field of finance that are made possible by a Bachelor of Commerce from Rotman as well as information about preparations that student should make to best position oneself for recruitment and current opportunities at Rotman that students should take advantage of to make themselves stand out from their competitors.

All interview videos will be made available on our Facebook page. All current students are encouraged to take part in this project by posting any questions they would like to see answered by an alumnus on our Facebook page. Worthy questions selected will be included as part of the interviews.


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