We are excited to bring to you our events timeline for the 2019-2020 school year!

RCFA Orientation – September 2019

An event exclusively for first-year students, the RCFA Orientation gives students a first-look into the finance industry and an overview of the finance stream at Rotman Commerce. The event aims to connect students entering the Rotman Commerce community with upper-year students, professors, and recent alumni who are working in finance. Students will have the opportunity to engage in discussions with RCFA members to learn about their experiences with the organization, before applying for RCFA Intern positions. This event also includes a scavenger hunt, where students have the opportunity to develop relationships with fellow students while exploring the financial district in Toronto.

Commerce Trading Competition – November 2019

The Commerce Trading Competition (CTC) is a challenging and interactive event that allows students to apply trading strategies and knowledge attained in class to real-time simulations using the Rotman Interactive Trader (RIT) program. CTC provides a unique hands-on experience for students hoping to learn more about the responsibilities of an industry professional working in Sales & Trading. Prior to the event, there will be workshops provided by the Finance Research and Trading Lab. The competition will consist of 4 individual trading heats at the Finance Research and Trading Lab, followed by an open outcry trading session in the Rotman MBA Building. The day will conclude with an open networking session with representatives from the sponsoring firm. Historical attendance has been approximately 80 students.

Forays into Finance – January 2019

Open to first- and second-year students, Forays into Finance seeks to further students’ understanding of popular career opportunities in finance, including: Investment Banking, Sales & Trading, Equity Research, Private Equity, and Asset Management. Forays into Finance will begin with presentations on the aforementioned career paths, followed by  an alumni panel, roundtable discussions, and a trivia challenge. During the roundtable discussions, students will have the chance to network with representatives from our sponsoring firms, as well as Rotman Commerce alumni working on Bay Street. Sponsoring firms will have time to make firm specific presentations to introduce career opportunities available at the sponsoring firm. Last year, we were sponsored by CPA Ontario. Historical attendance has been approximately 100 students.

Mergers & Acquisitions Case Competition – March 2019

The M&A Case Competition challenges students to utilize their analytical, critical thinking, and presentation skills to solve a real-life M&A scenario. Since 2012, the M&A Case Competition has been generously sponsored by TD Securities and attracts students from various Canadian universities. The competition will begin with preliminary presentations judged by Analysts, Associates and Vice-Presidents from TD Securities’ Investment Banking team. Finalists will then be selected from the preliminary presentations to present in front of Directors and Managing Directors from TD Securities. The day will end with a networking session where participants can directly interact with senior members from TD Securities’ Investment Banking team. Historical attendance has been approximately 100 students.