RCFA aims to empower students to explore various opportunities in the fields of finance, educate students with technical fundamentals, and establish sustainable relationships between students and industry professionals.

The Rotman Commerce Finance Association (RCFA) is an undergraduate student-run organization that prepares students for successful careers in the finance industry and also equips them with the confidence to achieve their personal goals. Known for its ability to build lasting relationships with students, RCFA is a well-respected, invaluable window into the world of finance for undergraduate students in the Rotman Commerce program.


RCFA 2015 - 2016


RCFA recognizes that education ought to extend far beyond the classroom. Thus, we strive to provide students with valuable opportunities to expand their knowledge on topics in finance that aren’t necessarily taught in the classroom to better prepare them for life upon graduation. We feel that our initiatives will provide students with the insight and practical experience necessary to determine whether or not a career in finance is a feasible option for them.

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